The HCG Bulletin November 2017 Editorial

hcg editorilWe’re back again with the next edition of your newsletter! Work across all our offices goes on very well, as usual, and we share pictures and news of events that happened last month. As our newsletter subscriptions keep increasing, we’re happy to be connected with all of you and glad that you can tune in to the latest updates in the healthcare education world.

We often underestimate the importance of sleep in our lives. Good sleep hygiene keeps you healthy, energetic, slim and motivated. Studies have found that sleep deficits can have far-reaching ill effects on your health, even doubling the risk of stroke fatalities and potentially severe heart attacks. Women, who are more prone to insomnia due to several factors including genetics, hormones or stress, are at higher risk than men. We bring you an article on how to create and maintain good sleep habits….try following these tips, we promise you it will be worth the effort!

Ho ho ho! Christmas is already peeking around the corner! Have you started on your Christmas preparations as yet? Courtesy Barry Manilow, we bring you the famous song that ushers in the cheery spirit of the season!  All of us at the HCG Bulletin wish you and your loved ones all the magic and sparkle of this lovely season. This Christmas, let’s join together to make the world a better place J

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We’ll leave you to celebrate the festive season. Enjoy our monthly newsletter in style, with a delicious glass of festive wine!

Until next time, then.

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