HCI Bulletin May 2017 Editorial

Greetings and a happy day to all our readers across the world! We have plenty of news to share, as always, and hope this finds you all in good cheer and well rested!

Across the country, board exam and entrance exam results have been coming in thick and fast. We hear of students who have secured marks that seem impossible to achieve…99.5% from one school and 99.6% from the next! Many of our students, too, would have been in this same situation this month, and if you are not among the hundreds of super achievers who have scored in the 90s, do take heart. Your life cannot be determined by a set of numbers on a marks sheet! There are so many fulfilling career pathways that are open to those who have scored a little less. Talk to any of our overseas education counsellors today, and find out what are the education opportunities that you can explore. Not scoring well in the entrance exam may just be a blessing in disguise …which will open up exciting new avenues for your future. All those who have scored less than 90%, please do read Farzana Suri’s article, quickly going viral on social media, which we reproduce here for you.

International Nurses Day was celebrated around the world on May 12th. At HCIG, we join millions across the world in saluting our stalwart nurses who work tirelessly to support our communities. Let’s all appreciate our nurses; give them a smile and a hug and heartfelt thanks for all that they do for us!

Our marketing efforts are really paying off and the numbers are steadily increasing, as you can see! We bring you pictures.

Those of you who wish to share anything with the team, do write in to me at

usha@mwtedu.com. Take care, then, and God bless you all!

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