THE HCG BULLETIN July 2018 Editorial


A very warm welcome to our new readers, and welcome back to our ‘oldies’! Here’s your monthly round up of the most important happenings across all our offices.

The monsoons are here, and this year the new normal seems to be rampant floods and water logging everywhere. With rainfall getting more unpredictable and increasingly catastrophic, our town planners must learn to mitigate flooding and reduce the impact of heavy rainfall on low lying areas. Climate change is the harsh reality of today’s world, and we should all learn ways to reduce our carbon footprint and spread more environmental awareness. With the advent of the monsoons comes the increase in the incidence of water-borne diseases that are spread through lack of hygiene and contaminated water. We bring you an article on the prevention of monsoon-related diseases. Try to stay indoors, and stay safe!

The most celebrated Kerala festival of Onam is just around the corner, and we are planning lots of fun-filled events that are filled with traditional warmth and cheer. Join in the excitement…we can almost smell the payasam in the air! The HCG Bulletin team wishes you and your loved ones festive greetings in advance!

With that, we say goodbye for now. Take care, and enjoy the upcoming festivities! If you wish to get in touch, please do send in an email to


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