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About Health Careers Group

Health Careers International, headquartered in Australia is a group of companies that specialise in education and systems to develop the careers of healthcare professionals around the world. By leveraging the latest technologies and collaborative tools in the design and delivery of its training programs, Health Careers creates new opportunities for students around the world to develop and enhance their skills, and for Governments and healthcare organisations to more effectively develop the future health workforce. A core subsidiary of HCI Holdings Pty Ltd, Health Careers Group (HCG) India comprises three divisions: MWT Education Consultancy, MWT Global Academy and MWT Technologies. Established in 2002, the HCG Group (earlier called the MWT Group) took shape as a small trading company located in Chennai. Today, with operations that span geographies, the Group is a leading player in healthcare education, overseas consultancy for student recruitment, software development and technologies. We apply the essence of our core values of Innovation, Caring and Excellence – ICE to every aspect of our activities, from course development through to student support and technology creation. With this vision foremost in mind, we strive to deliver the highest quality services to our clients all over the world. The HCG Group strives to create and enhance value through customized, innovative and sustainable options that help our customers advance in their endeavours. By leveraging our insights and experience, we seek to offer a smarter way to serve the communities we are a part of. We will continue to develop unique new technologies to meet the most challenging demands of the future.

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