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Mr. Kunnumpurath Bijo (Chairman)


Mr. Kunnumpurath Bijo is the Founding Director of Health Careers International, a leading independent global provider of healthcare education and research. As the Managing Director, Bijo sketches the vision of the organisation on a global scale and oversees internal systems to ensure compliance with legal/statutory obligations as well as implementing policies in risk management and quality assurance.

Bijo is recognised as an accomplished entrepreneur with remarkable business acumen. Bijo has integrated this acumen to bring about a proactive approach in business development, innovation, change management and governance, especially in the higher education and vocational education and training sectors.

Areas of Professional Expertise

  • An accomplished entrepreneur and business executive who utilises skills from a varied business background to bring a proactive approach to business development, innovation and change management to the education and training industry.
  • “Hands-on” experience with areas such as product development, performance and marketing management, business and stakeholder performance and analysis and specialising in business growth and development of new strategies.
  • Focused on new and bespoke technology-based innovative training methodologies and applications that allow the development and use of high-quality training delivery.
  • Founder and Managing Director of the HCI Group, an integrated services company with diverse interests in education and healthcare. This role has shown an excellent track record of initiating and leading turnaround growth strategies in often difficult business environments.
  • Managing Director of HCI International, the education and healthcare division of the HCI Group. HCI International commenced operations in 2007 and has since grown to employ 200 staff, expand the education sector to three specialist campuses in Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, design, develop and implement a variety of innovative web-based platforms and profile software (Knowledge Hub) for use in education and healthcare, and to become a leader in professional development programs with now an annual turnover in excess of $20 million.
  • HCI International encompasses several entities including the Institute of Health and Nursing Australia, a leading source of education and professional development for many of Australia’s leading public and private healthcare providers. And the Institute of Health and Management (IHM) where the focus is on quality specialised education for the nursing profession, Edusystems which is engaged in software development for education management.

More about the organisations Bijo manages in Australia and India can be accessed here.

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