Chairman's Message

We work with a single minded passion to serve our community and grow and excel at our work


Chairman’s MESSAGE


Mr. Kunnumpurath Bijo (Chairman)

  At Health Careers Group, we live by our tradition of “Innovation, Caring, Excellence”, and this has been the hallmark of all our activities over the years. These values inform everything we do, from our interactions with students and partners to those with our employees across the organization.  We work with a single minded passion to serve the community we live in and grow and excel at our work. Across the world, education paradigms are shifting, and new technologies have redefined the way the world relates to the transfer of knowledge and establishment of careers. While these industry trends are more challenging than ever, we have proven that we have what it takes to address these challenges and keep on the forefront of innovation. In keeping with these advances, we have reworked our processes, rebuilt our technology platforms and accelerated our innovation in order to sustain our growth at scale. All our businesses had spectacular growth this past year, with many significant partnerships, greater reach in our marketing capabilities and wonderful new customers. This year, we are poised to achieve even more, and for this we owe our grateful appreciation to our amazing employees who embody the culture, heart and soul of our organization. We believe that we have now built a strong foundation for the next ten years and beyond. We look forward to your continued support and patronage during the next phase of our journey!

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