Vision and Mission

The vision and core values that drive our mission and purpose




To become a global provider of healthcare education and research


Create jobs, improve lives


Enhancing Lives through Education, Training and Technology


Innovation The advent of the digital age in technology is changing the fundamental ways in which organisations work. Health Careers believes in adapting to innovation and making use of new technology as it becomes available, and by doing this we are able to grow and thrive in challenging circumstances. We are thus able to build exciting career opportunities and deliver unique learning opportunities to employees and students. Caring Making improvements in people’s lives takes time. We are committed to building lasting relationships with our students and employees. As a part of the Health Careers family, all employees are encouraged to achieve high levels of productivity and satisfaction and do well in their personal and professional lives. In an age of disposable employees, HCG dares to be different and treats you as a member of our family, not just a number. Excellence In the pursuit of excellence, we strive continually to improve standards and practices in every sphere of our work. We go the extra mile to ensure a work environment that supports our objectives and inspires employees to new levels of productivity, fostering genuine quality in the experience provided to employees and customers. Each of our subsidiary companies shares our corporate vision of innovation, caring and excellence; and our common goal of truly making a difference to the community that we live in.

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